• Investing in Somerset

    Once constructed, Great Bay Wind Energy Center will contribute significant amounts of tax revenue to the County, which means more money for the community to invest in schools, parks, and roads. The tax revenue that Great Bay Wind will provide could also be used to partially reduce existing taxes that local residents currently pay.
  • Energy Independence

    Great Bay Wind will increase America’s energy independence and move our country away from supporting unstable foreign oil. It will also diminish Maryland’s reliance on polluting energy sources such as coal and natural gas that are imported from other states. Instead, Maryland will be able to count on an inexhaustible, clean, and renewable source of energy found right in its own backyard.
  • Strengthening Local Agriculture

    Great Bay Wind can help local farmers by providing them a new revenue stream and source of income, while simultaneously protecting the region’s agricultural way of life. Crops can be grown and livestock grazed right up to the base of the turbines. Even tree farming poses no problems for wind energy generation in Somerset County.

… this is a great way to add tremendous revenue to the county while also supporting the agricultural way of life and farmers that are also a key driver to the local economy. — Daniel Thompson, Executive Director, Somerset County Economic Development Commission

Somerset County Public Schools whole heartedly supports this initiative and we look forward to the winds of change blowing our way in the near future! — Dr. Marjorie E. Miles, Superintendent, Somerset County Public Schools

The Great Bay Project creates a large number of jobs and increases economic activity...[it] is very beneficial to Somerset County and the State of Maryland as a whole. — Kenneth Stanton, Jacob France Institute, University of Baltimore



  • How Wind Energy Saved Customers $1 Billion In Just Two Days

    January 8th, 2015 by Roy L Hales Originally Published on the ECOreport Wind energy saved customers $1 billion in two just days last year. Frigid Arctic temperatures spread over the 13 Mid Atlantic and Great Lakes states on January 6 and 7, 2014. There was not enough conventional energy to meet demand. According to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), spot princes would have skyrocketed if had there not been an abundance of wind energy available. “This number is conservative,” said Michael Goggin, of the American Wind Energy Association. “We didn’t look at how wind helped to keep gas price Read more →

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    By DIANE CARDWELLNOV. 23, 2014 A wind farm in Weatherford, Okla. In a study, the cost of wind power came in as low as 1.4 cents a kilowatt-hour.CreditPaul Hellstern for The New York Times For the solar and wind industries in the United States, it has been a long-held dream: to produce energy at a cost equal to conventional sources like coal and natural gas. That day appears to be dawning. The cost of providing electricity from wind andsolar power plants has plummeted over the last five years, so much so that in some markets renewable generation is now cheaper Read more →


      August 14, 2014By Kelly Trout   For Immediate Release August 14, 2014 Contact: Kelly Trout, 240-396-2022, Mike Tidwell, 240-460-5838, ENVIRONMENTAL AND EASTERN SHORE LEADERS CALL ON SEN. MIKULSKI TO WITHDRAW LANGUAGE THAT WOULD KILL SOMERSET CO. WIND PROJECT Leaders release letter from 21 national and state groups urging U.S. Senator to make a real commitment to clean energy on behalf of Maryland and the nation ANNAPOLIS — A group of environmental and Eastern Shore leaders today announced an effort to persuade U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski to withdraw language she recently inserted into a Defense Appropriations bill that would terminate Read more →

  • Peter Franchot – Wind Energy & the Estate Tax

    Center Maryland Video available at link Center Maryland continues its conversation with Comptroller Peter Franchot, who discusses the positive economic and environmental impact of the Governor’s decision to veto the bill that would have disrupted wind energy projects on the Eastern Shore. Franchot also discusses the importance of the General Assembly’s decision to re-couple Maryland’s estate tax with the federal exemption. Read more →

  • Governor O’Malley Announces Decision to Protect Maryland’s Renewable Energy Progress

    May 16th, 2014 ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor O’Malley today announced that he vetoed HB 1168 – Electricity – Certificate – Wind Turbines – Limitation, in accordance with Article II, Sec. 17 of the Maryland constitution. The Governor emphasized his commitment to Patuxent River Naval Air Station (Pax River) because of its critical importance to Maryland. “There are already safeguards in place to ensure that no renewable energy projects conflict with military facilities — those safeguards render this bill unnecessary,” Governor O’Malley said. In addition, the Governor noted that the Great Bay Wind Project helps alleviates the threat Atleast a to. Read more →

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